4288 Polaris Ave Ste 109
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 736-8113


Monday - Saturday: Noon to 11pm
Sunday: Noon to 10 pm




  1. Don't waste your time here. The track is bumpy and very crappy. The building is old and warn and in a nasty area. Very hard to find. We wound up hearing about an electric go kart track near by called Pole Position Raceway over near the Palms. Pole Position kicks butt. My friends and I had a blast. It is a fairy new track to Vegas, so very clean and maintained. Not a dump like fast laps. This is their 4th track. I hope they build one out by my home. The staff was incredible and the pool tables and arcade game were also an added bonus. We went up to their second floor and WOW what a sight and a view of the track. If you don't trust my judgement go to both. You won't even want to race and that dump Fast Laps and you'll want to keep racing at Pole Position.

  2. Yes go to both! You notice he dosent talk about the karting experience. Fast Lap has faster GAS powered karts, longer races, wider track and is the best value! If you want to go to a place where you get half the race time, nice decorations and pay much more for less racing, yeah go to Pole Position. If you want the real racing experience with karts manufactuered by a real outdoor kart racing company(Sodikart)get longer races, faster speeds and better value come to Fast Lap... Or you can hit the golf course and race the electric karts.

  3. I took the advice and went to both. I did not like the gas karts... to smelly and no power for me and the track at Fast Laps did not seem very smooth. But in my opinion Pole Position has the real racing experience... nothing compares to the torque of the electric... the gas cart is sluggish at best!!!! I can't believe that person says Fast laps is real racing... for who?? Not for real racers or begginers alike. The race times at both were equal and the prices for both are comparable .. look around you can find discount for both tracks. Both tracks offer a free shuttle. If you go to Fast Laps I guarantee you won't go back, I know i won't be.

  4. I know these are old postings but I had to throw my two cents in! Things mustve been different in 2009 or these are fake posts, because Ive never had any of the issues the person above mentions with fast lap! I am a loyal fast lap customer since finding them and a great deal online and I will never return to the other place.
    If you cant find a deal, they have killer local discounts! The races are 10 minutes a piece so its you against the clock, compared to paying for laps at pole position where they shut your kart off and remove you from the race if you accidentally tap the bumper of a fellow racer.
    Gas over electric any day! Whats racing without the smell and feel of gas?? Unless you're a total sissy... (If you think gas is "smelly" than you dont belong on a real track anyways so please drive your little Prius back over to pole position with the other wimps!)
    My advice: dont even bother with the electric, youll be dissapointed!


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