We finally found ourselves a Hot Dog stand

Here in Las Vegas we have lots of different street vendors from people pushing shopping carts selling corn on the cob w/Mexican seasonings,ice cream & taco trucks and just a handful of hot dog stands located in front of a few Lowe's or Home Depots. Nothing on the Fremont Street Experience and NOTHING on the Las Vegas strip. SO we decided we would set up shop at our neighborhood parks. Wednesday nights we have Pop Warner football at Cashman park 1 block away & there is no concession stand or vendors. Thursday night there is an adult soccer league at Clark High School and again NO vendors and finally Friday night is High School football at Clark High. Between 200-300 people at the smaller events and upwards of 1000 at the football games. We figure we'll keep it simple & unique.

walking tacos=$2.00

A midwestern fair favorite

simply a FUN size bag of doritos w/2 tablespoons of Taco seasoned beef with shredded cheese,onions,tomatoes,lettuce,black olives,Jalapenos, & salsa served with a Spork

frito chili pies=$2.00

Just like the Walking taco-A FUN size bag of Fritos with chili,onions & cheese(black olives optional)


add chili $0.50


canned sodas=$1.00


We are welcome to any suggestions or ideas as this is our 1st business venture. wE ARE STILL ABOUT 2 MONTHS AWAY FROM STARTING BUT THE BALL IS ROLLING

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  1. Great looking cart.
    I wish you all the luck Lost Vagas can handle.
    I'm still researching what mine will look like but I'm seeing a great need for a breakfast with a Mexican flavor at 6:00 AM in front of the day labor pick-up stations. I'm thinking a Guatamalian style Dog. Look it up. $5.00
    Best of luck.


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