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I went here after work one afternoon since it's in the smae building tucked around the corner.
I was hungry and feeling a little adventureous so I ordered the Brisket Entree w/2 sides (mac n cheese & hushpuppies) plus 2 cafish tacos=$20
It is made to order so I took a few minutes to check the place out. It's a cozy diner with Vinyl records of R&B legends on the wall. Harry O is a celebrity in his own right. They have a jukebox as well and plenty of seating BUT no bathroom.
Harry O's is attached to the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge so you can go next door and have a drink and eat in the bar if you want.
It took about 20 minutes but the waitress was real friendly and we played a few songs on the jukebox.
That' s were the GOOD ended for me. The BBQ wasn't my idea of BBQ. The brisket looked more like pot roast and was covered in a very sweet sauce.
The catfish was not to my liking it had that dirt from the river taste and I couldn't finish 1 of them. The mac n cheese was gritty with little cheese but the hushpuppies were FANTASTIC a light crunchiness with a softtasty center.
I've tried a lot of BBQ places here in Las Vegas some good some bad. This is not MY idea of good BBQ-no offense to those who may think otherwise-TO EACH his OWN!
I like mine smoked and rubbed with a little crunch & tender moist meat. I like my sauce on the side smoky & spicy and I like my sides like momma use to do it homemade & over the top.


  1. We placed a 8 person order for lunch. WOW were we disappointed I called at 11 for a 12:15. The lady on the phone said that they couldn't have chicken cooked that fast. hmmm how long does chicken take? not 1.5 hours!!! So we ordered the 4 pulled pork samich, 2 beef brisket samiches with potato salad, hot link samich, bbq chicken entree with corn-on-the-cob and coleslaw. The food was a huge disappointment! The samichs all of them were small and the meat was very dry. The corn she said tasted a old and looked half burnt.

  2. My wife and I had an opportunity to try Harry-O's Barbecue, and we're glad we did. I had rib tips, greens, and corn bread - the tips were great eating, with enough to take home, the greens were just right, and the corn bread was real tasty. My wife had pulled pork, beans, and corn bread - also very good and will make a good sandwich with the left-overs. The free cans of soda were a nice touch. So, we'll be back, for sure....

  3. Harry O's BBQ is a place one must go to when they are in Las Vegas. It is "Off the Strip" and the prices are extremely reasonable. The food is Soul, Southern, and Flavorful. The aura is more of a throwback with Records of some of the Great R&B singers gracing the walls as well as a jukebox which is a history lesson in itself.

  4. Scott read my post it says it all, your nothing but a FAT BOY who has to gorge himself. You would not know good food if it reached up and bit you in the ass. This ain't fast food. Hell tubby you like Taco Bell, which is prepared by high school kids.

    Scott try critiquing porn shops that's more your speed.

    Chicken put your face up! Own what you write!

    And did I say it clearly enough, NOBODY LISTEN TO THIS FOOL! HE has no idea what he is talking about!

  5. Just got back from Harry-O's a little hard to find as it's tucked away, but the bright neon sign was spotted on the right side of Spring Mtn, heading east. They were out of chicken to start and that was okay, I didn't go for the chicken, but the pulled pork, which was compelety boring and dry, served on a hamburger bun. It lacked flavor (smoke, seasoning, a bbq smell, the taste of pork) it didn't have anything going for it. The sauce which I thought was hot sauce was BBQ sauce, the owner pointed out, was bland. The ribs were salty and just okay and fell off the bones as expected. The mac and cheese and potato salad lacked flavor, seasoning and were boring. Collard greens were good and the cornbread can get dry if you don't eat it quickly once it arrives to the table. Bring cash because the owners are in no rush to fix the C/C machine as signs are laminated and taped to the door and counter saying "C/C machine broke". When the owner asked if it was good and if we are coming back I wanted to say: "Like Simon on A.I. says "It was utterly forgettable and boring and there was nothing about you that makes me want to see you again next week."" But, we said we would come back.


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