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Voted Best Downtown Buffet. Well I haven't tried them all but this surely sets the bar. The service was outstanding All the food was fresh & well made. A very nice selection. They have specialty nights a few times a week-crab legs,prime rib & steak n shrimp scampi. $11 pp/ specialty a few $$ more but well worth it.

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  1. So what makes it so special? I see the food pics (nice). What is the best entrees there? I was at Las Vegas 3 times . Tried one buffet but can't tell you which one. I did try a great Mexican buffet in hotel off the strip and right near the highway. It had an unusually number of salsas and was great. (I need to find the name of it). The Cadillac car restaurant was one of the worst meals I have ever had anywhere in the world (go figure out friends took us to this dog of place). We were in Belagio but did not have time to eat there :(


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