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ribs,sweet potato casserole,green beans with turkey leg meat. Really nice people and the eral deal bbq-nice tangy sauce too.

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  1. As someone that grew up outside of Memphis, went to college just outside KC and lived in Austin for several years I would have to say I was very disappointed in the food or what they call "BBQ". First that there was no beef but past that the pulled pork and ribs were not very appealing. The pulled pork was mushy and drowned in sauce like it had been cooked in a slow cooker, not it smoker. Honestly tasted no smoke and it pretty tasteless. I expect pulled pork to be chucky with the meat speaking for itself with or without sauce. This was shredded into thread like strands, no texture and drowned in sauce. The ribs same thing very disappointing. Zero smoke ring, they basically feel off the bone (if you know BBQ you know that is not a good thing and actually indicates they have most likely been pre-boiled). As they were brown throughout, no smoke ring and falling off the bone I would assume this was the case. A good rib should have color, you should be able to bite into it and gently pull the meat away leaving the impression of your mouth. These again, like they had been pre-boiled and finished in a slow cooker or oven or at least for both the ribs and the pulled pork, old and re-heated.

    I will say the beans were great and all the staff/owners were great and extremely friendly (even though they over charged me from the prices on the side of the trailer). However I would not spend $60 again on the food that I honestly think I can make a lot better in my back yard for 1/3 of that price.


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