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This place is located in the WalMart shopping center at Charleston & Decatur next to Taco Bell,A&W/LJS, Applebee's & China Star Buffet.
It has alot of competition but it does really well, every time I've ever driven by there's 3-5 cars in the drive-thru and when I decided to enter it was no different.
The drive-thru moved really quick and the service was super friendly. The food was reasonably priced-$5-6 pp for a meal.
They serve nothing BUT chicken so they pride themselves on doing it the best. We all ordered the fingers and fries plus a coleslaw. We all also got SWEET TEA!
Everything was right on. The fingers were light & crispy, the sauce good & flavorful, the crinkle cut fries nice & crispy and the coleslaw was crunchy and sour-not sweet like KFC.
I liked it it was cheap & fast and I'll try it again, maybe the sandwich next time.

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