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wonton soup
sweet pork,egg rolls and fried won tons
pork fried rice
beef chow mein
Dive Spot Chinese. Actually its more Hawaiian/Chinese. It is a small diner with 10-12 booths along the walls and maybe 4-6 tables in the middle of the small cramped space.
We decided to dine-in and we ordered the $9.99pp special. First won ton soup, then appetizers of fried won ton,egg rolls,sweet roast pork.
For the main course we got Beef Chow Mein & Sweet & Sour Chicken.
Service was fast & friendly after a little bit of a rough start when we were ordering.
The food comes out quickly and the spicy mustard is world record hot. The egg rolls,won tons and sweet roast pork are great.
The sweet & sour chicken and pork fried rice were great too.
The beef chow mein not so much-the noodles were thick and flavorless and the sauce was not to my liking nor was the beef.
Overall it was pretty decent chinese food. I would definitely order some fried rice & sweet roast pork or pork spareribs for takeout another time.

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