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Saturday May 16,2009-10:00 am-1st 100 customers get t-shirts, 1/2 rack of ribs & coke
1/2 rack of Pork Ribs! Yummy ! :)
Las Vegasan enthusiasm really sucks. There were 4 people who showed up at 7am & then by 9:45 only 20 people. It took til 10:30 to reach 100!! FOR F*$#@&% FREE Ribs & a T-Shirt.
I myself BET that it would be a lazy bunch of old folks and I was right on. We both got our ribs and order sides-brunswick stew and of course macaroni and cheese.
Everything was fantastic-we devoured our food and wanted to get back in line before the 100th person showed up but just as we went to wash our hands they announce #100 arrived!!
Overall it was really good. some of the meatiest ribs. They are oven baked and grilled over flame to finish so they are not 100% REAL BBQ but still really good.

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