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If you are in Vegas the mini meet is back on for 6pm tomorrow at pole position in Vegas. Venue was just given to us.
So tomorrow is crazy atvs, sky diving, soaring, indoor sky diving, racing, then meeting some phillyders @ 6pm, @ pole position in Vegas whew.


  1. OK dude! i think your show is SUPER MEGA TITS! and i can't stop watching! You say some of the funniest shit I have ever herd! in short I am a BIG FAN! I'm also an artist, and i would like to draw your caricature... if thats ok with you! i know some people hate them... if you would like to see my artwork for your self feel free to stop bye my blog. once again your show is insanely super dopeness....... OK bye!

  2. Very cool! that's me behind Phil with the little boy in the blue shirt! I made a little video like this one too ;-)

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