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mac n cheese,corn,pork ribs,2x baked potatoes and prime rib(buried)
a little soup & salad w/some melon
lox,cream cheese & onion 0n mini bagels
cannolis,pastries,pinwheel cakes and cups of tiramisu

On a Saturday nite at 6pm there was NO line & that always scares the HELL out of me but I was hungry & went for it anyways.
$12.99 per person, no 1/2 price for kids. The buffet is small with 6 stations-salad,dessert,asian,southern,carving station and mexican.
It is way limited too with like 6-8 items per station and nothing special.
The best thing was not having to wait but that also meant they kept food out way too long and alot of items were dried out from being under a heat lamp for too long.
I don't understand why chinese food is made in advance anyways-everything is freakin chicken & cooks in a WOK in like 60 seconds!
Wouldn't that add some flare & get people coming back. To me everything looked dried out,pastey sauces and just "NOT going on my plate even for a picture at a buffet BAD!"
The majority of the stations were just like that-Food that had been sitting way too long.
I stuck to the soup,salad and desserts but did have some decent ribs, really good medium-rare prime rib and I liked the cream spinach.
Strange thing about the salad bar-they had to have an attendant because it was too far to reach behind the sneeze guard to get to the items. WEIRD!
The 2 best things were the SERVICE & NO line. We never once had to wait on drinks and the napkins & handy wipes were plentiful.
If you dont like waiting in a line-are good with soup & salad, some prime-rib for $13 give it a go, otherwise it's just average at best.

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