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RT @UNLVTickets Young MC, Tone Loc, and McHammer concert is going to be unforgettable! Tickets at www.unlvtickets.com they are only $25!! from TweetDeck

Buffalo Bill's Resort-Tonight-Big & Rich with @cowboytroy-"I Play Chicken With the Train" on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jRZ from Twisten.FM

6/20-$25 @GreenValleyLv http://bit.ly/zGda4 @snzippers-Squirrel Nut Zippers"Got My Own Thing Now"on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/4vej from Twisten.FM

Tonight Chelsea Handler @chelsealately @hardrockhotellv 08:00 PM Tickets US $41.00 - US $146.00 http://bit.ly/btkxb from TweetDeck

Tonight Las Vegas House of Blues @Matisyahu" King Without a Crown" on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/34OW from Twisten.FM

RT @PalmsLasVegas: UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale kickin off in 10 mins here at Pearl @palmslasvegas. Hard hits comin your way! from TweetDeck

September 9, 2009, @GreekTheatreLA-Dave Matthews Band "Funny The Way It Is"on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/3Pm7 from Twisten.FM

Jul 17 2009-The Pearl @PalmsLasVegas-The Fray " Never Say Never" on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/2SUu from Twisten.FM

August 1 CrueFest @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv Godsmack "Speak" on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jEd from Twisten.FM

August 1 CrueFest @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv-Theory of a Deadman-"Hate My Life"on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/317s from Twisten.FM

August 1 CrueFest @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv=Motely Crue"Home Sweet Home" on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jDz from Twisten.FM

August 1 CrueFest @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv -Drowning Pool "Bodies" on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jDr from Twisten.FM

August 1 CrueFest @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv featuring Motley Crue, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Drowning Pool and Charm City Devil's from Twisten.FM

July 24th at 9pm @hardrockhotellv -Unwritten Law "Save Me"on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jCE from Twisten.FM

Blink 182 @markhoppus Jul 24, 2009 -@thejointlv @hardrockhotellv "Whats My Age Again "on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jCb from Twisten.FM

August 21, 2009 7:30 PM Madalay Bay Events Center "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/3Jse from Twisten.FM

August 8, 2009 at 8:00 pm LIT @GreenValleyLv -"Pictures of You" by Lit on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jAB from Twisten.FM

July 25th, @mgmgrand Garden Arena- Aerosmith & ZZ Top -Listening to "Jaded" by Aerosmith on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/46pv from Twisten.FM

Aug 19, 2009 08:00 PM @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv -#1 Single-"Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/2PEg from Twisten.FM

August 7-2009 @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv "Simple Kind of Life" by No Doubt on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/3hSO from Twisten.FM

July 11 2009 @thejointlv @hardrockhotellv " win tickets @xtremeradio-Love Hurts" by Incubus on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/39NM from Twisten.FM

July 17 2009-Pearl @ Palms-4 Top 20 songs on iTunes-WOW! Listening to "You Found Me" by The Fray on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/2U2Q from Twisten.FM

Aug 06 2009 @ House Of Blues Las Vegas "Dirt Room " by Blue October on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5jwl from Twisten.FM

I have 2 tickets to see them here in Las Vegas in September-"If Today Was Your Last Day"-Nickelback on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/319E from Twisten.FM

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