#293-Ports O'Call Buffet (GOLD COAST)-(Breakfast)

$5.99 pp Breakfast

Ports O'Call (Gold Coast) on Urbanspoon

Chipped Beef on toast/Omelette,hashbrowns/chorizo/bacon
Fruit Plate/Graped/pineapple/cantaloupe/honeydew melon
HAM,Shredded Hashbrowns,SOS
Chorizo,Corned Beef Hash,Potatoes,Pancakes
corned beef hash,scrambled eggs,bacon,eggs benedict,bacon,crepes
Chocolate Mouse/Pecan Pic
Donuts & Pastries
MElon & Fruit Trays
Breakfast Bar/Gravys/Eggs & Biscuits
A LOCALS Casino just West of the STRIP. One of the Cheapest Buffets around. $5.99 per person for Saturday Breakfast. About 50 items to select from.
The eggs were a little watery but the rest of the food was pretty tasty with a good breakfast selection.
Overall-pretty fair for the price, however DO NOT expect Gourmet. They do tend to leave stuff out TOO long unti it gets dry& tasteless.
ONE of the best dessert selections anywhere-worth the price of the buffet just for DESSERT.


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