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5 for $5 Special
Chicken leg,Catfish,Beef Rib,french fries & Drink


Another 5 for $5 Special
Chicken leg,PORK Rib, Red Snapper,french fries & Drink
NEW to the neighborhood, this place just relocated from N Las Vegas to the old Cappazolli's building @ Maryland Pkwy/E Desert Inn Rd just 2 months ago.
It's kinda hidden in the back but they have a street sign to catch your eye.
It's a small take-out place. there is 3-4 tables but NO TV or music or any reason to really hang out & eat. They have menus everywhere with all kinds of specials.
Obviously the special that caught my eye was the 5 item for $5!!! Piece of Chicken(leg or wing)-Fish(catfish or snapper) & Rib(beef or pork) plus Fries and a drink!!!
The Chicken was Great-well seasoned,crispy not real greasy and real meaty!!
The fish was good, it had a nice cornmeal breading seasoned well and the fish was fresh & tasty BUT its hard to please me when it comes to CATFISH.
The Ribs were WEAK-kinda dry & tough TONS of sauce(which was good) but no smoke flavor. NOT my kinda rib
FRIES were fries kinda salty but good.
OVERALL: great prices,great chicken, good fish, skip the Ribs. Give it a try-GREAT PRICES!

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