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Salad & Fruit
Egg Roll,Tacos,Salisbury Steak,Fried Rice
Dessert-Candied Cookie Dough
It took 3 tries for us to finally make it here. The 1st time the players club line was 100 people long,so we left.
2nd time we got the card but the buffet line was ridiculous, so we left.
This time I forgot my card so ONLY the card holder gets the discounted buffet-otherwise its $14.99!!
It is a small buffet--the food is bland & boring, hardly any desserts and Self-serve drink station with PEPSI products,coffee,tea and milk.
The carving station had a turkey end & a beef end not real attractive. There was nothing special,very limited choice Its salad fixins &----salisbury steak,bbq chicken,bbq ribs,tacos,spaghetti,pizza,and sides like mashed potatoes,green beans and corn.
ok so for $8.99 w/players card it pretty cheap for a dinner buffet (you get what you pay for)BUT....FOR $14.99 WAY OVERPRICED.
This definitely goes in my BOTTOM 5 Buffets in Las Vegas

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