China Star Buffet on Urbanspoon

$9.99 All You Can Eat Chinese Dinner Buffet

meat on a stick & fruit
steamed clams,fried shrimp,beef & noodles
dessert options---notice the broccoli
If you like Chinese food like sweet n sour chicken,lots of seafood stuff like crawfish,crab legs,shrimp and fish.
They did have bbq pork but it was kinda tough.
Several different soup options, around 60 items to choose from total. Pretty standard chinese buffet fair.

They do cook Mongolian "made-to-order" and they have soft serve ice cream.

Pretty boring and fishy!!!! $9.99 All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Buffet w/Crab Legs.
Really can't complain for $10 pp but I'm no fan of asian food to start and this certainly did nothing to change my mind.

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