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FREE Entree for joining the E-Club!!

The waitress recommended a FULL rack of St Louis Style Ribs & Sweet Corn Casserole with Loaded Baked Potato!
I signed up for the E-club and they sent me a FREE Entree for my Birthday!! I love FREE Stuff!
Last time I went here I tried the burgers-NOT real impressive, so this time I asked the waitress to suggest the best thing. RIBS!"that's what she said"
So I got the full rack of St Louis Style Ribs with sweet corn casserole & loaded baked potato.
The restaurant was fairly slow with 4-5 customers so the food came out fast and the service was adequate.
They have a large LCD Tv on the wall so I was able to enjoy the MNF game and the food was really good.
Not REAL bbq but the meat was tender, the sauces were all good. The baked potato was great & so was the casserole(just not enough of it).
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