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SUSIE'S BBQ-FALLON,NV 877-423-7435
Where to begin?!? 1st this is NOT a review of (@redrockharley) Red Rock Harley Davidson but a Review of the BBQ cook-Off and Susie's BBQ!
I arrived Saturday at 1pm and there was already a good crowd of people mostly bikers and most of them hanging out around the front of the store where there was a little shade.
The BBQ was set up in the parking lot -directly in the 110+'SUN with about 16 vendors but ONLY 5-6 BBQ vendors. Most of the otheres were serving kettle corn,funnel cakes,garlic fries,chicken fingers and the like.
SUSIE'S BBQ had the biggest display & lots of trophies so we decided to spend our $$ there.
Prices were pretty stiff!! $8 for 3 ribs & 2 sides was the CHEAPEST thing.
I had beans & potato salad and added some HOT bbq sauce.
While waiting in line a drunken bum came asking for $$ and I politely declined.
There was no picnic tables or seating of any kind set up so everyone had gathered around the window ledges at the front of the store.
I also needed a drink so I got a water FOR $2 at the shaved ice stand. BALLS! $2 for a bottled water at a LOCALS event!! WTF!
Anyways the RIBS SUCKED TOTAL ASS-no beating around the bush here-by far the WORST BBQ I have ever experienced and I love bbq & bbq competitions and you would know if you've visited my blog.
NO smoke ring-COLD-Tough & rubbery,lots of FAT and the sauce wasnt even HOT.
I actually couldn't even get a bite of one!!
The potato salad was warm and the beans were sugary sweet.
You can Look at the pics above and see the times I tried to do it but They were JUST WRONG!!
I was extremely pissed I had just shelled out $10 for Ribs and a drink and IT wasn't even edible.
And to top it all off the drunken bum came back by to harrass us some more.
I wasn't about to spend anymore money I already felt misled about the nature of the event.
A BBQ competition HARDLY! 6 stands!
I'd really like to know who won and who the CELEBRITY judges were!! Also how SUSIE'S BBQ faired!!


  1. Should've given the ribs to the bum

  2. What did you think you were going to get from a organizer with two last names and no know how of what to do? Red Rock sould be embarrassed!


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