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combo Fried Rice (Shrimp,Beef & Chicken)

Fried Crab Wontons
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Asian marinated NY Steak with mushrooms & Asparagus
Part of the famous Restaurant Row in Las Vegas @PFChangs provides a pleasant dining experience.A nice outdoor patio, long bar and of course the dining room.
Lots of TVs to catch the games and the service is TOPS!
The food is good, they serve large entree portions small starter portions and the SOUP is ginormous!!
We ordered some egg rolls and crab wontons for starters!!Fantastic!! Crispy and creamy wontons and the sauce was great too.Plum I think.They bring you al the sauces and pastes.
We then ordered entrees-Sweet n Sour Chicken, Combo Fried Rice(Shrimp,Pork and Beef) plus the asian marinated new york strip steak with mushrooms and asparagus.
The food was great, the steak maybe a little overcooked-I like it more on the RARE side.
The rice,vegetables,chicken and everything was great.
My only knock on this place....when the bill came for 3--2 adults 1 kid it was $70!!!! For chinese food I think thats a little much for me.


  1. Yum lovely dinner I wan to eat your foods I remember the time when I'm in korea.

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