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Recently there has been alot of discussion about ETHICS for food bloggers/reviewers and since I do that here at OFF the STRIP I figured it was long overdue that I post about my own ethics and how I run this operation.

Here's the INDUSTRY's Opinion on ETHICS:

DISCLAIMER: I am a 30-something CHOWHOUND who spends a lot of time & money dining out in Las Vegas,NV. I write about MY experience, from MY point of view and I DO NOT intend to offend anyone and apologize in advance if I do. ALL MY reviews are unsolicited, unbiased, and done in good faith.


1.-I DO NOT ask for NOR do I accept anything for my opinions or reviews. I DO NOT accept FREE meals unless it's offered as a coupon to the general public or an incentive to join their email newsletter,etc. ALL Meals are paid for by me.

Accepting FREE meals,special treatment or being compensated for a favorable review IS UNETHICAL!!

2.-I REMAIN ANONYMOUS-I DO NOT tell my server, the hostess, the manger or anyone else that I intend on reviewing my experience. I take photos discreetly.

3.-I ALWAYS give my readers an HONEST & ACCURATE account of my experience at each and every place.

4.-ALL PHOTOGRAPHS are REAL and taken at the time of the actual review(unless otherwise stated)-see also: time/date stamp.

Special THANKS to fellow Food Blogger THE NEW DINER for the Inspiration. Be sure to Check Him out.

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