#347-MR BEIJING...Chinese Food Delivery..

hOt Chicken wings $5..

Mr. Beijing on Urbanspoon

combo Fried Rice $6..
Sesame Chicken..
Fried Cream Cheese Wontons..
I'm always a sucker for a menu flyer on my door-I order off about 4/5 of the menus I get on my door. I hadn't had chinese take-out in awhile an this place was cheap and promsied to deliver fast!!
We ordered wings,wontons,fried rice and sesame chicken plus canned COKE=$30.and it only took 30 minutes.
It was good,it was hot,but it wasnt very spicy or seasoned much I didn't really care for the beef in the rice but the sesame chicken was really good.
I'll try it again sometime.

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