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Lookin for a good local UNLV bar where you can catch the games on the GIANT screen TV,listen to LIVE music, Eat greasy burgers and wings or just drink from a huge selection of brews this place has a reputation as THE SPOT!
I went on a Saturday during the game when all the students were out at the stadium so it wasn't busy at all, as a matter of fact only a few drunk tourists waiting on a cab.
The menu is great bar food-wings,fingers,burgers and all the fried stuff you can handle. I ordered a Teriyaki Burger and Wings but the were out so I got Fingers. Plus they come with Waffle Fries.
10 minutes later my order was ready and I was out the door. The burger was great! Reminded of Schoops!! Way better than any other PINEAPPLE/TERIYAKI Burger I've tried. The fries and fingers were really good too.
ONLY knock on this place is they should serve PIZZA so then they would DELIVER!!!

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