Siena Deli on Urbanspoon

Fresh Pastries
Italian Cakes
Stuffed Peppers-Zuchinni and Artichike Hearts
Seafood Salad-Calamari(Squid)
Made-to-Order Cannolis
Henry Weingards Soda

Sicilian Crust Pizza
This place is tucked away in a strip mall corner off Eastern & Tropicana. A large outdoor patio greets you and then as you enter it's 100% ITALIAN DELI! Glass cases loads with meats,cheeses,salads,pastas,desserts and so much more.
They also serve hot food-pasta,pizza and more and have a little indoor dining area too. This place is BUSY so dont be impatient its well worth the wait. It's a little pricy but thats how it is for imports.
The cannolis-WOW!! The pizza was good but I've had better, The seafood was FRESH as can be and the deli meat was Great too.
3 locations in the Las Vegas Valley...Check them out

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  1. Foods made me drool. I simply love seafoods and pizza.


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