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REAL New York style Jewish Deli... Yeah-they render FAT Homefries & 3 meat Omelette Potato Pancake & Applesauce

This place has HISTORY-It's a part of the fabric of Las Vegas. In a small shopping center at Swenson & Twain its just between the STRIP and the Boulevard Mall. Also in the same center is the HAIFA Restaurant another Jewish eatery.

It's known for its Friendly service and REAL food. FRESH made bagels and More. It's a little cramped in there with NO boothes and most patrons are regular who are WELL-FED! lol

They know your name and what you are gonna order before you get seated. Along the back wall is a mural of an old school neighborhood with people looking out their 3rd story window of their brownstone hollering the ice cream man-etc(you get the picture)

Well they have polaroid cut-out of REAL customer taped over the faces on the mural to personalize it-VERY COOL!!

As far as the food goes-I guess you have to be Jewish or from NY to appreciate it. Eggs & Onions,Lox with Onions, and Matza just not my cup of tea Being an Iowa Farm boy.

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