ICS CHILI COOK-OFF @MonteCarloLV @LasVegasNFR...

December 5th-2009
1st ever at the @MonteCarloLV
A perfect day for Chili-High of 54' in Las Vegas

The HOME Team

Sanctioned by the International Chili Society
KOBE Beef Chili from BRANDS
Chicken Chili Verde
RED Chilis-Big Bean & More Meat
Chorizo & Chicken Chili
Chili & A Jalapeno Pepper Pop (Sugar Coated)
NINE Fine Irishmen Chili & Bread
Adventuredome serving a FULL Bowl with Crackers & Cornbread
Since the National Championship of Chili won't be held in Las Vegas this year it was nice to hear the Monte Carlo would be hosting a chili cook off during the National Rodeo Finals!
It turned out to be perfect weather for chili with a high of 54' and a slight breeze. This was the 1st ever Chili Cook-off at the Monte Carlo and they did a great job!!
It was located poolside with about 15-20 participants(pictured above) they included several local casinos and a few regulars in the ICS chili circuit. The Monte Carlo had a booth too. Red Bull & Jack Daniels were sponsors of the event.
The event started at NOON and was FREE to the public. Red Chilis,Chili Verdes and Salsas competed for a CASH Prize. Plus there was a People Choice Award that everyone got to vote for.
We sampled everything from every booth and as you can see from the the pictures there was quite a variety of different styles.
We really enjoyed the KOBE BEEF Chili from BRANDS as well as the CORNBREAD from Circus Circus Adventuredome. The most unusual treat however was the candied Jalapeno Pepper lollipops-very interesting!-(We voted for the Kobe Beef Chili in the Peoples Choice)
The event was a great success the chili was good and bad, everyone was having a great time and all the participants were very informative and friendly!! Thanks @MonteCarloLV hope to see more in the future.:)

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