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The Original Chicken Sandwich..
and NEW Funnel Cake Sticks!!
It's been quite awhile since I've been to Burger King mostly because they microwave everything right in front of you ans then tell you it was charbroiled. I was lured in by a co-worker willing to pay and wanting to try the NEW Funnel Cake sticks.
I stay away from the burgers since they are FROZEN patties semi-broiled then microwaved. Not my kind of burger. I do however enjoy an occassional chicken sandwich microwaved or not. I ordered it MY WAY-plain.
The chicken sandwich was ok but the funnel cake sticks were terrible-like a vanilla flavored straw made of straw. I couldnt eat them, neither could my son:(
A place I wont be back to for another long while and thats not even due to the terrible service we experienced taking more than 20 minutes for 3 chicken sandwiches + 2 funnel cake sticks.

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