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Meetup with @Urbanspoon #CES

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Meetup at #CES w/@Urbanspoon @HofbrauhausLV http://twitpic.com/xfll3

This was my 1st time here but I've heard alot of good things about it especially Oktoberfest!!
I haven't been here before because I'm not real familiar with german/bavarian food..I mean I love their chocolate cake BUT I know nothing else they make

This place is mistakenly believed to be a German establishment but their website & twitter say its a Bavarian/German Hybrid. What the difference is you'll have to Wikipedia that sh#*.
The meetup was scheduled to be from 11-12 and of course I showed up a little late so I wouldn't be the 1st one BUT not only was I the 1st one.

The restaurant has a gift shop when you enter then a large beer hall with wood tables and benches with arched painted ceilings a stage for the band and all the staff dressed in authentic garb. Ever a Beer Wench:)

The folks from @Urbanspoon were quite gracious and provided a spread of pretzels and sausages to eat. The pretzels has sweet or spicy mustard and a pimento-like spread to dip.
The assortment of brats and sausages was NOT on the menu so we got to try alot of different ones.

The food was good I liked the pretzel & the meat was good but nothing really jumped out at me. Definitely not a fan of Vienna sausage.

Looking at the menu they have more than sausages. Also pork,chicken a few steaks and of course Black Forest Chocolate Cake:)

Prices are under $20 an entree.

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