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This was my 1st trip to @BlkMtnGrill. It's A lodge-like bar & grill with seperate dining room the kitchen is open in the dining room so you can see your meal being made. Really Cool:)

After taking a minute to clean up and check the place out-which if you are a hunter you will love it. Very cozy with a fireplace front & center big comfy seats and lots of great decor;-)

Since we arrived just before 11- we could order breakfast or lunch and decided to do BOTH.
We started off with the cheese plate(cheese & fruit really)-then ordered a 3 item omelette with ham,bacon & cheddar-potaotes & english muffin-also a burger with grilled mushrooms and french fries.

(NOTE: Drinks-they serve PEPSI)

Service was OUTSTANDING-our drinks were filled quickly and the food was brought out in a timely manner.

When the food arrived we knew immediately we were in way over our heads-it was ALOT of food!!

The burger was good a little-bit over cooked, the fries were great.

The omelette was insane-there was a whole hog in there soooo much ham & bacon:) maybe a little too heavy on the cheese but that was an easy fix:) I like shredded potao hashbrowns myself but the kid loved the country potaotes!!

The cheese plate was fantastic with strawberries,granny smith apples,grapes and raspberries and several different cheeses-my favorite was the smoky cheddar-yummy:)

Yeah I know I only tried the bar food but it was damn good.
They serve a much more sophisticated menu than the items I ordered so I'm gonna have to go back some Tuesday evening (2 for 1) and try their dinners. Maybe the Stuffed Alaskan Halibut of Petite Beef Wellington;)

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