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Now 4 locations in Las Vegas

First I even heard of this place was an ad I received in the mail. $2.00 off per sandwich, Buy 1 get 1 Free after 4pm and $10 off a $25 purchase on the Weekends. GREAT DEALS

The ad had their menu printed on the back and the sandwiches all sounded quite appetizing and a little different variation than you see in most sub shops in Las Vegas

My 1st attempt at coming here I show up at 10:30 on a Sunday and they didn't open until 1 am so I went elsewhere

This time it was 4 pm on a Friday and I was hungry so I ordered 3 sandwiches to go. A Beef Dip,A BBQ Beef and a Pastrami Nami.

The cashier was fantastic-very helpful,perky and informative. She said they were owned by Timbers Gaming and had been open since June 2009. Not on twitter yet but a TV commercial airing soon

The sandwiches are a little pricy $7-8 each -one size fits all.(smaller than a footlong bigger than a size inch)-one type of bread

The 1st sandwich was the beef dip. Thin roast beef , horseradish and onion. The beef was ok but not real impressive and this was the BEST of the 3 sandwiches.

The 2nd sandwich was the BBQ Beef-same beef as the french dip slathered in bad bbq sauce and some onions thrown in. Nothing memorable here

The 3rd sandwich was the pastrami-It sure looked good-lots of pastrami-I only made it through half and had the WORST heartburn. It seemed like it had a TON of pepper. Too thin pastrami and it was a little dry and chewy not moist and tender like GOOD pastrami is

Overall the employees were very enthusiastic, the place had a real cool surfer vibe to it and a simple menu but it's a little too expensive and not impressive at all

It's nice to see a new place popping up in this economy but I do not have alot of hope for this place -especially this location.

MOST of the customers will be college kids looking to eat cheap and Port Of Subs is nearby

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