For the BEST in Las Vegas!!!
Are Gourmet Burgers taking over?Can they take down the King @IN_N_Out_Burger?

I've seen many different sites from Yelp,Urbanspoon,Citysearch and more showing In-N-Out as the BEST Burger in Las Vegas rated by USERS of the sites.

I'd like to see a BURGER BATTLE-All Comers-Gourmet STRIP Burger Joints-Off-the-Strip Burger Joints and even Fast Food Burgers to settle it ONCE and for ALL.

HAVE a few different categories or something.

I'd like to see the TOP 20 STRIP Burgers face-off against each other to see who's the BEST maybe charge a flat fee of $20-$40 per person and let everyone vote for their favorite. Have the restaurants prepare a burger on the menu but maybe bite-size sliders.

Then there could be an OFF the STRIP category & a FAST FOOD Burger category too.
HOW would you going about starting to organize an event like this? Would you just call around or send a letter to all the burger places to see if they'd be interested ?

PR people do this kinda thing all day-I could sure use their help & the input:)

MEET THE TOP 10 BURGERS IN LAS VEGAS as determined by the @reviewjournal http://bit.ly/I8IWj

Burgers with bite by @nikkineu @vegascom http://bit.ly/9pekVt


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