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Firefly* Tapas Kitchen and Lounge on Urbanspoon

on Paradise just off the strip:)
Delicious Food
Great Service
and Fun party atmosphere!!
Doesn't matter what you try-you can't go wrong:)
Filet Mignon Sliders and Onion Straws

Firefly has long been known as an OFF the STRIP hotspot with hundreds of reviews,photos and news articles about it.

Recently they opened a 2nd location at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas and it has received an ever BETTER reception if that is possible. The view downtown seems to be all the rave:)

My visit was around 7pm on a Thursday night since I've seen the crowds here on the weekend I wanted to avoid a long wait and I was delighted to be seated immediately. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be having a great time eating & drinking.

We ordered filet mignon sliders, fries, some lamb chops and the waitress recommended the bacon wrapped dates!!! No drinks this time

The menu has a nice selection of tapas all priced very reasonably and the food is presented like those other higher priced chic places;)

The food was incredible, the dates are fantastic, wrapped in bacon with crumbled bleu cheese in a red wine reduction. Soooooo Good I had 2 orders:)

The lamb chops were great, cooked perfectly medium-rare in a nice wine reduction sauce with julienned veggies and capers. Really I could have ate 10-12 of the lamb chops and been good.

The sliders I didn't like the cheese sauce I could have done without-maybe some dijon mustard instead-the filet mignon burger didnt seem any different than any other sliders Ive had. I like the crispy onion straws but I'll skip the sliders next time.

The fries were good-nothing spectacular just fries with grated cheese. I'd like to see some truffle fries or something;)

The dessert was outlandish-Chocolate and cherry bread pudding[warm w/port wine reduction, vanilla ice cream] -I could have ate another one.

It was a TOUGH choice between the bread pudding and the Banana-Nutella sandwiches[w/Nutella cream dipping sauce] which the table next to us was enjoying:)

My overall experience was fantastic the service was fast,friendly and quite helpful. The food was good. The atmosphere was fun & comfortable. When I left iasked the hostess if I could present the manager with something

She looked at me a little strange but came back with the manager who was quite pleasant and accepted the TOP RATED RESTAURANT(#3) on Urbanspoon I gave him-telling me it would be given to the right person.

UPDATE: To my pleasant surprise it has been placed in the menu marquee right outside the front door:) (photos courtesy of YELP users)

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