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Outdoor Patio & Bar
Beef Fajita Nachos
Carne Asada
3 item combo-Beef Hard & Soft Taco plus a cheese enchilada

I decided to take my wife to @CaboWaboLV for an early Valentine's dinner since she is the biggest @Sammy_Hagar fan & has been dying to check this place out since it opened.

Before going I did my homework and read all the reviews that had been posted. After reading I was really surprised this place is still OPEN. Not too many good things being said.

We arrived on Friday night around 10pm and the house band had just started playing. Acoustic Soul-Las Vegas' Original & Only LIVE Jukebox. They play all requests-some good some NOT so good.

We were seated immediately with no wait even though the place was packed including the outdoor patio bar.

The menu is mexican food with a baja twist. VERY Pricey. We ordered Beef Fajita Nachos to start-The Carne Asada Entree & a 3 item combo with Hard & Soft shell tacos and a cheese enchilada. Ice Water all around. NO drinks this time:)

(However they did pour FREE shots of tequila when the band played "Mas' Tequila")

The service was a little slow it took nearly 30 minutes before we saw the appetizers and we spent most of the night chewing on ice.

The nachos were very underwhelming-10-12 soggy chips covered in cheap shredded cheese and sparse bits of beef fajita meat. 4 melonballer size scoops of (lettuce,pico,sour cream & guac) NO seasoning, no spice, no flavor just cheese. The complimentary chips & salsa are a much better choice.

NEXT, the entrees came out- The carne asada plate covered w/cheese, onions and jalapenos. a couple tortillas and a plate with (lettuce,pico,sour cream & guac). NO salsa!! Again with the cheap shredded cheese and the jalapenos were not even cooked just sliced and covered in cheese.

The fajita onions & peppers were way too much compared to the skimpy 8oz carne asada steak. The steak like the nachos had NO seasoning or flavor. FOR $20 at a bar I was really expecting something phenomenal.

The 3 item combo of beef tacos and cheese enchilada was alright except for the cheese enchilada which again used the cheap shredded cheese which didnt melt well at all and was tasteless.

The lack of seasoning for a mexican resataurant is really unacceptable and NO salsa with entrees no beans with the chips appetizer. :(

For 2 people to have an appetizer and 2 entrees-drink ice water and get slow service for $65 pretty disappointing to say the least:(

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