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HOME of the 6 Lb -B3 Burrito Challenge as seen on @ManvFood
1/2 lb of chicken fingers & fries
1# MONSTER BLT with Curly Fries

Years ago when the Sahara Hotel & Casino 1st added the Nascar Cafe & Speed the Ride I came here for a burger and for the life of me I can't recall if it was good or bad.

I decided to bring my son here for some video game fun and a bite to eat. When we arrived a B3 challenge was getting started and a crowd quickly gathered to take photos and videos. Before we left 2 people had tried and failed the Challenge.

We ordered some soft drinks to start. (they serve PEPSI) but the popular drink seemed to be the 180oz Tower of Beer. Almost every table had one.

The menu is just bar food with American & Mexican options(Burgers & Burritos). We ordered Chicken Fingers and a MONSTER 1 pound BLT sandwich both with fries.

It took awhile for the food to come out and when it did it was not impressive at all:(

The chicken fingers were clearly overcooked. They almost snapped they were so dry and crisp. NO seasoning and The fries were cheap frozen fries with no salt or seasoning.

The BLT had ALOT of bacon but it was the cheap stuff not fully cooked NOT crisp like a BLT should be. VERY little tomato and lettuce -definitely disproportionate to the sandwich and the bacon-mayo(GROSS!!!) The fries cheap frozen curly fries with NO salt.

Just plain bad bar food and VERY pricy-$35 for 1 adult 1 kid. Neither of us ate 1/2 our meals and the service was sketchy at best.

NOTE: The B3 challenge ONLY cost $20 if you FAIL + you get a T-shirt. IT would be worth it if the FOOD wasnt so damn BAD:(

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