John Mull's Road Kill Grill
BBQ Galore!!!
3 meat + 3 Sides=$16
Ribs,Chicken,Brisket-Potato & Macaroni Salad
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Fantastic Barbecue!!!! I've waited an entire year to come back to this event and eat at this Barbecue stand!!! Some of the BEST BBQ anywhere!!!

I of course opted for the 3 meat & 3 side meal getting Ribs,Pulled Pork,Brisket plus baked macaroni and cheese and macaroni & potato salads. 3+3=$16 well worth it.

Bottled water & Canned Soda were only $1 too!!! The food is ordered at one end and served at another to keep it moving-other vendors have 30+ minute wait because of their disorganized service.

Immediately upon opening my order I noticed I had been given a leg & thigh of barbecue chicken and NO pulled pork or Macaroni and Cheese. When I went back to explain they graciously provided me the missing items. and I ended up with an extra piece of chicken. Fair enough for the inconvenience;)

The food was really good. Perfectly cooked barbecue. The ribs falling of the bone tender and moist with a great barbecue sauce on the side. The brisket -some of BEST ever!! Tender melt in your mouth sliced paper thin!! The chicken was smoked through but moist and tender plus it had a little kick to it. The Pulled pork was great but was already sauced(personally I prefer adding my own) The macaroni & potato salads were homemade and pretty good but the baked macaroni and cheese was a little overdone and mushy with no crunchy topping to indicate it being BAKED macaroni and cheese and no real cheese flavor.

John Mulls Meats operates a butcher shop in NW Las Vegas and does event catering but this event is the ONLY time they come out during the year so get down to FREMONT and check them out before it's too late. Taste & Sounds of Soul goes on through February 21st!!!

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