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Crab,Spinach & Artichoke Dip
THE Crab Feast
12 oz Ribeye with Baked Potato
This was my 1st trip here even though I have lived in the neighborhood for years!! Im just NOT a big seafood fan. But I heard word they had great steaks & burgers plus Happy Hour specials.Soooooo...

Here we are on a Wednesday night around 8pm -pretty light crowd but the place looks like its trying to hard to be ritzy for a chain steak & seafood place-you know formal but jeans are ok.

There's a bar off to the side and a small lobster tank with 2 pathetic looking lobsters right as you enter the dining room. Boothes line the wall and small 4 chair table fill the room.

We were seated immediately in a booth and after about 10 minutes our waiter-#Jacob arrived to take our drink order. We went ahead and place our entire order since we were hungry & thirsty!!!

We decided to try their spin on a traditional app-Crab,Spinach& Artichoke dip and then the wife ordered the CRAB FEAST with a little of everything crab-Legs,Balls,Cakes and more. and I ordered the 12 oz Ribeye and Baked Potato.

The food came out alot faster than the 1st appearance-1st they brought a house salad with house dressing and the dip came out quick too.The dip was great-not fishy as I had feared but rather rich and creamy not unlike regular SPinach & artichoke dip.

The main course was FANTASTIC!! One of the best under $50 steaks I've ever had(actually ONLY $22) cooked perfectly mediem-rare seasoned well and smooth like butter:) You could literally cut it with a SPOON:)

The crab was less than impressive. ONLY 2 crab legs for $40!!! WTF!~!!! The Fried Crab Balls were awful-too much cornmeal or whatever and no flavor. The crab cake the same and the Au Gratin Crab Meat was just whack-Where's the CRAB,huh? Definitely a better deal to get a STEAM POT at Joe's Crab Shack or the Krazy Buffet all-you-can-eat crab for $15.

I will definitely go back for a steak or $5 sliders at Happy Hour but as far as SEAFOOD goes I'll pass.

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