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Pork Fried Rice
A cornerstone of Chinatown in Las #Vegas Kung Fu Plaza ofers a chinese/thai menu with delivery offered in the nearby vicinity.

NOT a big fan of asian cuisine since its all rice,noodles and strange meats I tend to stay away but I played it safe with an appetizer combo,BBQ Pork fried rice and wor wonton soup. Delivered to my door in 25 minutes for under $30!!

The fried rice was good but nothing special-very little pork and the rice was just ok. NO crunchy noodles for the Wor WonTon Soup when I requested them was a big downer:( The soup was really good however.

The appetizers were ok I could have ordered a dozen of the wings and been better off however!! The other stuff was forgettable even looking at the photo I cant rememeber what it was:(

Alot better places to try in Chinatown but you live you learn.

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