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SPECIAL 3 item combos $8.99 + $3 Margaritas!! plus Chips & salsa plus bean dip for FREE-At all @stationcasinos

We visited Palace Station around 10pm Friday Evening and there was no wait to be seated during the #UNLVmbb game.

Service was fast & friendly bringing drinks & chips/salsa out almost immediately. I ordered my regular the carne asada fajitas and the wife got a 3 item combo of beef enchilada,beef taco and something mexican.

As you can see from whats pictured NOT what you think when you think fajitas, right? I'm thinking slightly sauteed peppers & onions , medium rare finely sliced carne asada with tortillas, pico and sour cream,guac on the side maybe even some cilantro and HOT sauce.

Really cheap and cheesy. meat was tough and NOT marinated like you'd expect. Didn't even touch the rice & beans just didn't pass the look test.

sidenote: The sides pico/sour cream/guac were in the same small bowl and watered together-not very cool either.

How this place has failed to find someone to cook good mexican food in Las #Vegas boggles the mind.

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