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Recently @cocosrestaurant replaced the cafe at Palace @stationcasinos and is the ONLY thing open 24/7.

The ONLY way this place is still open is they get enough drunks who can"t taste a thing and don't care about service to dine here every weekend.

I decided to go here 3 times before I posted anything to give them the benefit of the doubt. At first I ordered a sandwich for lunch-Turkey Club(takeout-not pictured)Then I ordered Dinner-Steak,Baked Potato & Veggies pictured at the bottom. And Finally Breakfast-The Lumberjack slam pictured at the TOP.

The sandwich was fairly decent-nothing spectacular I mean I wouldn't order it again but it wasn't bad.

2nd trip we decided to do dinner. We had just finished picking at a plate of fried appetizers of which the fried green beans were the only thing worth getting again. The mozzarela sticks not all the way done, the onion straws/rings overcooked and the chicken fingers just ick:(

My son ordered a Burger + Fries and after 10 minutes the waitress came out and said they had NO FRIED but another dozen potato options to choose from but NOBODY knew how to turn a potato into fries:(

I ordered the Steak Dinner with Baked Potato and Veggies.

The steak dinner had to be the WORST meal ever set in front of me:(

Our waitress who seems to be the ONLY waitress brought out our meals an immediately I knew "NO WAY" this is NOT good. The baked potato was all sunken in but NOT cut open, so I cut it OPEN and it was DAYS OLD-all BROWN and shriveled. THe steak was a small thick round cut_ you KNOW that piece of MEAT you NEVER serve--grill marks this way & that and it just looked RIDICULOUS!! Even the veggies were ICE COLD.

I didn't even wait for the waitress to come back before I just got up and walked out before I said something I would REGRET. HOW the hell does a WAITRESS not know better than to bring something looking like that out.

The manager came out talked to my wife and said he'd take it off the bill. WHAT?? that's it?? Take it off the bill?? That's a given I wasn't gonna eat or pay for that SHIT!!! Apparently having RETURN customers is not part of their initiative.

Well...even after this experience-since this is the ONLY 24/7 restaurant in the neighborhood I decided to try breakfast thinking HOW can you F-- up eggs, right?

I ordered the Lumberjack Special-3 meats-3 eggs with French Toast and coffee. Well when th coffee came out lukewrm after the waitress assuring us she had just "made it herself", all my hopes were crushed:(

The meal came out quick enough and looked ok. The eggs were done, the meat was cooked through BUT the french toast was hard as a rock:( Overall it was ok at BEST, I mean I finished it because I was starving but I surely won't find myself spending ANY money here EVER again:(

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