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Las #Vegas' One + Only !! Fantastic Gourmet Sliders now on the #streets of #Vegas.

After attending their soft-opening at the park I decided to contact them via/twitter and see if I could arrange for them to visit my office building to serve up lunch some time.NO surprise @SliderTruck was excited to Bring It On!!

We arranged for Thursday 11:30-1 and I thought I'd make sure they got plenty of business so we could get them back from time to time, so I printed up 200 flyers and distributed them throughout the office and surrounding business centers making sure everyone knew when & where!!

Nobody I work with gets twitter and very few are even on the internet. But the tweeting fool I am I did my best to get the word out that they would be there serving it up!! To my pleasant surprise quite a few people turned out while I was out there for my 30 minute lunch break and when I came back out at 1:30 when they were packing it up they told me they had SOLD OUT!!

Word around the office was GREAT-everyone is anxiously awaiting their return. Even short-handed @SliderTruck pulls though serving up the BEST #streetfood in Las #Vegas. CHECK IT OUT!!

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