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Downtown!! Stay at Siegel Suites in #Vegas and EAT for FREE at the @goldspikevegas http://www.siegelsuites.com/

The diner has been completely remodeled with a NEW-clean & modern look-white & light green. The menu is a typical diner with breakfast,lunch and dinner. The FREE Meal vouchers allow you to have the daily special or Breakfast 24/7.

We decided to do breakfast ordering the All-american with-2 Eggs-2 Meat and toast plus an order of Chicken and Waffles.

The food came out quickly and the service was friendly and efficient BUT the waffle was NOT good. Limp & soggy like a microwaved eggo. Not crisp and light like a FRESH-made one. The chicken on the other hand was REALLY good. All white-meat 3 pieces and a nice crisp skin! Yummy:)

The eggs,sausage and toast breakfast was satisfactory nothing special but good & FREE!!

Definitely worth a visit;)

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