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@stationcasinos N Rancho #Vegas #Easter Buffet $13.00 per person.

Most of my experience at any Stations Casino Buffet have been less than stellar BUT I'm a sucker for CHEAP and I keep going back.

Just now I have Lowered Expectations...always hoping at least dessert can save the day if the rest of the buffet is as expected.

Easter dinner offered Lamb Chops,Turkey,Ham and Crab Legs..sounds good right?? Nope still a Stations Casino Buffet.

The only way you can get them to change something out is to take it all put it on your plate yourself and throw it away. They had the same 6 lamb chops looking all pathetic the whole time I was there. The crab legs were COLD and they said they would heat them up-too many or too much something. They did offer made-to-order mongolian food whatever that is BUT the pasta,pizza,mexican,chinese and american was pathetic as usual-all dried up and unappealing-twice I walked the whole thing and NEVER put anything on my plate. This time EVEN the desserts didn't do the trick. The bread pudding was ok but the cheesecakes were dry and the other stuff that looked good was SUGAR-FREE--yuck!!!

I never learn!!! :(

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