How can/do I find sponsors for an event OR cause?

As an Avid Las Vegas Foodie OFF the STRIP is on a quest to celebrate EVERY food holiday of the YEAR at a different eatery in the Vegas Valley to explore and help expose the many great places to visit and eat whether you live here or are just visiting. Just like I have for the last 2 years I will post pictures and a brief review on this site as well as @Yelp and @Urbanspoon.

To be able to achieve my GOAL of visiting at least 300 different establishments in the Las Vegas Valley in the next calendar year I will need FINANCIAL backing from Corporate Sponsors. In return for this support I will provide a range of services in return such as Advertising on this BLOG-plus postings on Facebook,Twitter,Yelp and Urbanspoon or anything else I can do.

Anyone with any advice,tips or otherwise PLEASE feel free to LEAVE a COMMENT here, Message me on Twitter @offthestrip or email me at


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