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YES, I attended the Grand Opening Celebration 7/24 at 6pm at Hellboys Tattoo on W Sahara Ave/Rainbow Blvd. YES, I was one of the 1st 50 to arrive and get a FREE burger + T-shirt. and YES I am still gonna write a review :)

I am really enjoying the NEW #streetfood trend taking place here in #Vegas....I guess after KogiBBQ in LA blew up last year restauranteurs are starting to think mobile foodtruck are a real alternative to traditional sit down restaurants.

Being that it was still 100+ at 6pm when I arrived I was content getting my burger,fries and drink and ducking into the first sign of shade I could find.

I ordered the Hawaiian Burger & Fries -The girl taking the orders was real friendly and very efficient. The guys making the grub seemed nice as well but seemed focused on making things run as smoothly as possible--not alot of chit-chat:)

The food was ready in about 5 minutes and looked GREAT!!

The burger was Fresh and handmade with Fresh veggies and the fries hot & crisp!! Delicious!!

I wanted to try some tacos but it was damn hot--have to save something for next time right?

If you see this guy parked in a shopping center near you--do yourself a favor and stop by!!

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