In a world where technology is changing peoples lives faster than the governing systems in place can keep up, People around the world are anticipating great change. The restructuring of the social paradigm is inevitable. With the internet, AI, automation, robotics, quantum computing, space travel, nanomeds, 3d printing, virtual reality, renewable energy, biohacking,and more already in motion societies are seeing a great divide in working class and governing class. Power is being tested. A new model must be implemented to prepare humanity for its new role. 

      The EDUCATION system in America is touted to be the best however technology exposes the shortcomings and failures of a system designed to churn out obedient, docile, reliable soldiers and workers.  As a product of the 70s-80s educational system I have experienced huge gaps of necessary education such as financial planning, parenting, meal planning, crisis management,  Healthcare and retirement planning, basic automobile maintenance and home repair,  entrepreneurship and business basics, legal assistance.  Even how to write a resume or make a video. 

      I remember spending an hour strapped to my desk listening non-stop to a teacher go on and on ,then carry around heavy books from class to class only to go home with another 4 hours worth of school work to do having to go to the library to obtain research materials to complete the tasks. And if someone else had already checked out the book that you needed oh well you were just out of luck. Unless you had MONEY and had a family set of ENCYCLOPDEIAS. Access to knowledge has not always been at your fingertips. What 12 years of public schooling taught me was punctuality Focus repetitive action obedience and competitiveness.

      I have learned through life experience that my education taught me very little. My self education, multi-faceted life experiences and travels plus a constant thirst for knowledge has prepared me to see a new future, a new world order and a new age educational system. 

     Imagine for just a moment there is NO educational industrial complex. Imagine a world where education involves immersing yourself in the world around you. Learning through EXPERIENCE. Children have the greatest imaginations and are hungry for knowledge and experience and connection. Imagine no more school buildings no more teachers a community where children and their education becomes the most important aspect of society.

            How do we implement this NEW system of Education? What is the most important knowledge needed to be learned, experience and replicated? WHAT is the purpose of our existence? I feel theres a few important aspects to survival and a happy existence that make life simple but also can make it fulfilling and adventurous. Maintaining morality and coexistence without a religious or governmental body.

1.      NATURE-as children we learn by hiking through the woods, camping, swimming, boating on the lake, fishing in the stream, picking flowers, chasing butterflys, watching birds, watching a sunrise,sunset and shooting stars all the while learning about the sun, moon, planets, stars, mountains, forests, oceans, streams, lakes, plants, animals and all things mother nature

2.      FARMING-playing in the garden, planting seeds, vegetables, trees, flowers, watering, pulling weeds,mowing the yard, arranging a bouquet. Picking apples, berries and more, learning to plant, grow and harvest vegetation to supplement dietary needs, medicines and more

3.      MEDITATION-freeing the mind and body of stresses and anxiety, expanding self-awareness,

4.      YOGA-aligning the bodys chakras, keeping the body in great health


6.      VIRTUAL REALITY-using tech to experience history,travel and experiences THINK BILL & TEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURE

7.      DRUG THERAPY-Natural Remedys without side effects to HEAL and RELIEVE-cbd, mdma, psycilocbin, cannabis

8.      BIO HACKING-integrating microchip tech with neural systems—neurolace

9.      SPACE EXPLORATION-multiplanetary colonization? Space Force? Mars? Moon?

10.   COOKING-from storage and preservation, pickling, dehydrating to preparing meals and starting fires.

Picture Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, traveling through time using virtual reality to experience history and learning as if you were there in REAL TIME. NO LAWS NO LIMITS.

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