Welcome BACK

     ITS been a decade since we were drinking & dining at every hidden gem in Las Vegas sharing our adventure.

     We are still in Las Vegas but look to take you on a NEW adventure with US. lots if new pictures and videos. A weekly podcast & LIVE SHOW plus merchandise too.

     We will be expanding our topics of discussion to include marinuana legalization, van dwelling, farming, mobile income, hi tech, artificial intelligence, conspiracy theory, sex,  politics, religion and anything else controversial we find worth bringing to your attention.

     At this date we gave a plan to LAUNCH our cross country adventure in 2020. We are working on building a website to sell our merchandise and building or buying a small RV/Van. We are handmaking CBD/Terpene soaps, candles, incense, lotions, balms, and tshirt.

      We are traveling to help support solutions for homelessness and go to events to promote marijuana legalization, getting signatures, going to rallys, etc.

     We will be posting daily updates via social media of our website build. Van build. And making our products. We hope you will enjoy the ride, tell a friend and show your support.

                     off. The.   Strip

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