Raising Canes Chicken Fingers on Urbanspoon

#1 BOX Lunch-4 Fingers,Fries,Coleslaw,Special Sauce & a drink
This is only the 3rd time I've been to Cane's but damn it is good. The do it made-to-order so it's always HOT & FRESH!
After my last review I received an offer from Cane's to come in & try their BOX Lunch for FREE.
If you know me you know I LOVE FREE!!
The staff was very friendly & quite helpful. The food came out quickly.-NOT like In-N-Out Burger where you expect to wait 20+ minutes for a burger.
The chicken was light & crispy.NOT Greasy and the crinkle cuts fries had SNAP! The coleslaw was tasty and the special sauce is good for dipping everything!!
This is one fast-food place you'll never have that heavy bloated feeling leaving. DAMN Tasty Food.

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