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FATHERHOOD can get tricky-"My Dads Gone Crazy (feat. Hailie Jade)" by Eminem on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lf8 from Twisten.FM

FATHERS ARE ROLE MODELS-Be a Positive ONE-"Never Again" by Nickel Back on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/472k from Twisten.FM

MOTHERS-Keep Fathers in their childrens lives!-"Blurry" by Puddle Of Mudd-Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/2Prp from Twisten.FM

Are you Ready 4 Fathers Day Drama?-"Emotionless" by Good Charlotte on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5ldW from Twisten.FM

TO ALL THOSE BABY DADDY'S-Happy Baby Daddy Day-"My Baby Daddy" by B Rock & The Bizz on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5ldz from Twisten.FM

RT @SkateBoardPark: rt @louiebaur Happy Father's Day and Its Go Skateboarding Day! http://su.pr/7JluoS Please RT and Digg:-) from twhirl

STOP! -BE A FATHER 1ST!--My Chemical Romance"Welcome To The Black Parade"on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5ld6 from Twisten.FM

#HFD-"Through The Glass" by Stoned Sour on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lcW from Twisten.FM

"Dear Father" by Sum 41 on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lcS from Twisten.FM

TO ALL Those" Asshole Father"'s by Sick Puppies on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lcR from Twisten.FM

YOU can call ME--"Big Poppa" by The Notorious B.I.G. on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/342E from Twisten.FM

Is YOUR Daddy Rich Like ME? " Time of the Season" by Dave Matthews Band on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lbU from Twisten.FM

Ask Maury?-He'll find out!! " Whos Your Daddy?" by Toby Keith on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lbN from Twisten.FM

Being a Father can be heartbreaking-"Daughter" by Pearl Jam on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lbH from Twisten.FM

This one goes out for all you ALMOST-Father's- Hemmorage (In My Hands) by Fuel on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lbD from Twisten.FM

This one goes out to all the Father's---"Father of Mine" by Everclear on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lbf from Twisten.FM

"Father & Son" by 3 Doors Down on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5laI from Twisten.FM

A Special Song for all those Father's out there---Listening to Daddy's Home by The Jackson 5 on Twisten.FM - http://twisten.fm/l/5lav from Twisten.FM

RT @TheMAURYShow: Happy Fathers Day! That is... If you ARE the Father. from twhirl

RT @zanelamprey: Happy Fathers' Day to all of the fathers, mothers of fathers, and brothers of fathers' mothers' fathers.

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