#288-SOURDOUGH CAFE (Arizona Charlie's)

24/7 Special-NY steak & Eggs $3.99

Sourdough Cafe on Urbanspoon

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs $6.99
Strawberry Shortcake $2.99
This is a Locals Late-Nite Favorite. Arizona Charlies is a locals casino on Decatur,Boulder Highway and another on Buffalo. They cater to the local with great food specials and other comps too.
When it gets late at night there NOT alot of options and MOST of the good spots get pretty packed requiring alot of patience to wait in line for an hour.
The Sourdough Cafe used to have 7---$0.77 breakfast specials but times have changed and now they have $2.99/$3.99/$4.99 specials including the Steak &Eggs ,Ham & Eggs,All you can Spaghetti and more. The even have 3 course dinners for $8.99.(see menu above)
The food is about average,service can be lackluster but the CHEAP prices and 24/7 keep people coming back for more.

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