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The Busiest @IN_N_OUT_Burger in USA
4x4 and a hamburger
4x4 with pickles & onions $4.99
This is the busiest place you have ever been to. According to Local News Sources this location serves 8000 hamburgers a day!!
Almost every visitor to Las Vegas must have this location on their "to do list"-I see lots of tourists raving about it as they sit and devour their burgers.
Being a local I eat @IN_N_OUT_Burger pretty regularly so I like to change it up and do something different every no and again.
I ordered a 4x4 w/pickles & onion ONLY plus a regular with everything. 2 orders of fries.
Only the 4x4 was mine but it was a real challenge to eat it all-BUT I was determined not to wuss out in front of my son.
It's only $1 to add an extra patty w/cheese so dare to be different and next time go crazy and try a 10x10 !!

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