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OUR Neighborhood Sandwich Shoppe

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Big Kahuna Cheese Steak
Grilled onions and peppers plus mushrooms, jalapeños and extra cheese!
Club Sub
Turkey, ham, provolone, bacon, mayo, of course Mike's Way
Another Shot of this Killer Philly
This sandwich shoppe is hidden amongst the Fine Dining Giants on Paradise-
Marrakech,Firefly,Ruth's Chris,Yolies and the like!!
I never even knew it was there until I got a flyer in the mail for a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sub!!
Then I remember seeing this place on Sandwich Paradise on Travel Channel one of the BEST sandwiches in the US-Simple but FRESH.
SO I had to CHECK IT OUT!! Suprisingly I have never been to a Jersey Mike's.
This location was DEAD when I arrived at 3:00!! Always a scary sign in my book especially when it's the ONLY thing OPEN for 2-3 blocks!!
The 3 people working quickly prepared our sandwiches a Philly Steak & Turkey Sub!
They slice your meats,and cheeses for each order so its REAL FRESH alot like Port of Subs.
The kid checking us out was kind of a smart-ass I guess his humor was lost on us. Other than that VERY friendly.
The sandwiches were GREAT!! 10x better than Subway,Quiznos or Port of Subs.A little pricier but WORTH IT!
ONLY one kinda bread but it was fresh & fantastic. The philly was well seasoned meat,lots of cheese and crisp but grilled peepers,onions and mushrooms. Good Stuff!
Same with the Club Sub -All around Great!! I think I found my new neighborhood sandwich spot!!

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