#329-Bougainvillea Café @ Terrible's Hotel-Casino

Bougainvillea Cafe & Rotisserie on Urbanspoon
Located Upstairs it feel more like the basement
$9.99 10oz Prime Rib Dinner
$9.99 FULL rack BabyBack Rib Dinner
Terrible's isn't know for great food but they are CHEAP PRICES.
The Cafe is open 24/7 with Chinese,Mexican and American Menus and GREAT $9.99 Dinner Specials.
They also have some CHEAP Graveyard breakfast specials too.
There was no wait to be seated and service was pretty good. THey brought out a pitcher of ICED TEA for us so they didn't really have to stay on top of drink refills or anything.
The salad was huge, the food was fairly decent but not the best.Prime Rib was good but nothing special, the baked potato was good with tons of butter & sourcream.
SKIP the waxed green beans-YUCK!!
The ribs were ok, not smoked or anything but good sauce and lots of rib meat!!!
I definitely walked away full. 3 people=$40.

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